My Attributes:
It is so very hard to described ones self but here we go...
First and Foremost I from Jersey, this should give you some insight into My personality...
Physically...I am a curvaceous woman, a figure 8
*natural Brunette. I am too slender to say that I have a Rubenesque figure.
I DO NOT misrepresent My age or body size…. We both have better things to do than waste each others time.
6-8-dress size
8-8.5-shoe size
My measurements are 34D–26-36. I have a flat tummy, strong arms and strong thighs. I have curves in all the right places. My figure 8 silhouette is a result of My better than most dedication to working out and eating right. I did have a bit of help in the boob department from a great doctor. After 50 years of marvelous perky 34B bodacious tatas, I gave Myself more curvaceous tatas. I love the 1950-60 silhouette of a woman and decided at 50 that I would get boobs to match My marvelous deliciously round FIRM bottom, so yes I am enhanced but like any fine piece of art it all works in concert. ....You might remember a lady for years ago that claimed to have the most wonderful lipps aka labia, then she mysteriously disappeared, I bought the lipps from her, Her old friends will remember ... she always said got them Japanese mail order....Take a moment and Think at this juncture if that sounds have a very deep sultry voice and at the moment I am a brunette with some added *grey streaks, going for that Mrs. Robinson 1960’s look. No tattoos or strange piercings, although I do have a diamond in my belly button…In keeping with the era of the 50-60’s I do have hair... not crazy lose your keys in it hair but the same sort of situation I had when I was at the shore in the 80’s neat yet there...


I work out daily and pride myself on taking care of Me and what goes into Me. I am 52 years old, really 52. In Eros ads language that would be 42. I have lost 20 pounds in the last year so you will see a size difference in My photos... I am updating My site monthly with photos I am personally taking, I know some of them are campy but it is MY site and they reflect My personality...
My friends tell Me My photos do not do Me justice, not sure what that says about My photo abilities..LOL... but then again when you meet Me I promise not to have a blurred face or a big 9 on My face...I do not photoshop My photos to reduce My body just to make the photos more campy and artsy fartsy....
I do have many fetishes; the most intense of which involve 40’s 50’s 60’s style i.e. lingerie. Girdles, bras, slips, robes, night gowns...this is an endless list...

My feet in and out of high end shoes...YES..I have a fetish for My own feet which makes Me a Supreme Foot Goddess! I love My Red nail polish. I always wear the same red nail polish on My toes, when Chanel stopped making My red I bought 10 back up bottles.
Nylons and tights!!!! I cannot get enough of non stretch full fashion nylons i.e. Cervin, Gio and Wolford hosiery, making Me a Supreme Nylon Goddess. After you have 50+ of something I think you can say you have an obsession or fetish. I am well over ....I have PANTYHOSE! I love Wolford pantyhose. To momentarily top the nylon fetish off I just got a pair of, (I think Cervin) Nylon NON STRETCH gloves...YUMMY! I also have a thing for tights. LOVE TIGHTS!
On My activity page I go into depth about My skills, likes and “no likes”
( needs to be said with a sexy spanish accent).


My Philosophy:
I tailor our time together to match your desires, maybe you just love nylons, lingerie, boobs and a nice bottom with a good dose of Lady Friend or maybe you want something a bit off the beaten path...I do and have always described Myself as the original GFME, Girl Friend Mistress Experience, I really detest calling Myself a Girl so I have revamped this term to Lady Friend. I have returned new and improved with a solid core training in the discipline of BDSM. What all that means to the... Maybe you have tried an Escort who was a GFE and found it to be an enjoyable experience but not quite as edgy or visual as you would have liked it to be. So then you tried a Mistress and that was too STRICT, with far too much leather and governed by THE ALL knowing non-sensual REVERED Mistress... Ohhh boy that was a real turn off and not a very enjoyable experience. So you went back to an Escort who claimed she could be dominant and this was still not right, OR she tried a fantasy and you got hurt or nasty marks were left because she did not know what she was doing, or the visual/tactile was off, or My favorite outcome...she thought you were a sick PREE-VERT! (you must say this with a deep southern accent)
There is no substitute a true
Professional who understands.There is no substitute for a quality nylon or full fashion, real, full fashion pair of hose, Wolford, Cervin, Gio. There is no cheap Walmart substitution for a girdle like your aunt’s or your childhood baby sitter or the picture that is stuck in your mind... basically you received good team spirit but your home team lost again.


Being a true mixture of a Lady Friend and Mistress, remember I am well trained in the art of
BDSM. I will not hurt you. Unless you want me to “nudge, nudge, wink, wink”.
I majored in Psychology and minored in Drama in college, with that in mind I consider Myself quite proficient in the
Art Of Role Play.
We can take this where you want at your own pace.