Madame 9… Amazing Goddess Domina whom excels at Fetish Fantasy role play and Edgy play.Consultations are handcrafted by Madame 9 and designed to
push your limits in a gentle or stern fashion depending on your aptitude.
Naughty Boys who need to be spanked, Foot sluts, OlFactory Fetish and Business men in Pantyhose and garters Friendly.
Don't dream it, be it….


The eyes are the window to the soul

(random Chinese cookie, 1972 )

I have tried to make this site mobile friendly and suggestions are appreciated.
I build and maintain My own site. And sometimes it goes wacky!

This site contains adult content. If you stay, you choose to and assume all liability, I, Madame 9 am not responsible for your own perversions and choices. I am not responsible for the content of any sites I may link to.



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I, Madame 9 do not condone nor advertise on Backpage, Escort Live, Escorts whatever or Erotic Reviews, etc… those Ads are stolen from Eros etc.
Because Eros and many sites do not require ID from Entertainers please do take caution that you are in a safe situation, as is the Entertainer that they may be advertising
without ever speaking to her or him. I am a Authenticated and Verified Entertainer on the sites I pay to advertise on, which means they know exactly who I am. When you use the services of a someone who is NOT a Authenticated Verified Entertainer you need to be aware for your own safety and the safety of the Entertainer.
Please watch for and report Human trafficking.